software manager on a new proposed project Scenario,

Scenario 3:  
You are the software manager on a new proposed project that requires re-using existing software.  What details should you consider and with whom should you coordinate to ensure the proposal is complete and why?
Student 1:
After careful consideration we have decided that the best software estimation method to start the estimation process would be the same as the one used to estimate the re-used existing software.  If a computer Model was used, then altering the input for the new specifications of the new project should grant us with an accurate estimate of the new software.  In the same manner, if the “Expert Judgment (Delphi)” was used, then the same experts should convey an accurate estimate for the new one.
This is assuming that the software estimation method used for the re-used software granted an accurate estimation.  In the situation where it wasn’t, then experience should provide enough input for us to be able to estimate a more accurate estimate.  This information would ultimately denote the re-used software manager as the “Expert Judge”, bringing the last method being used as the “Expert Judgment (Delphi)”.    
Student 2: 
 This is my part .In 2 paragraphs i would like to write your comments and thoughts about the above scenario, there is an example for another students to help you start the work. Aslo I will need you response to other post , i will provide them later when they posted.   

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