Standard Classification of Expenditures and Audit Processes

Page 1 For this discussion, compare your district′s revenue and expenditure classifications and chart of accounts with the national format. (Horry County School District, SC) Use the National Center for Education Statistics website to compare the local school district′s chart of accounts (the reporting format) with the national format. Page 2- Audit Processes The role of the auditing process is to ensure the financial health of a school district. Both public and private entities use audits to assure stakeholders that invested resources are used wisely, appropriately, and according to the regulations. In your post: Discuss the steps in your district′s auditing process. Determine if your district has used categorical funding to supplant or supplement its budget. Determine if your district operated with a surplus or deficit by examining the audit report in your district. Propose methods for improving funding allocation procedures to move your district toward a budget surplus.

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