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Symform is a peer-to-peer cloud backup solution that helps you to easily backup your important files and documents.
The application utilizes the existing local drive space you already have on your system, external drive or server. This way, you can effortlessly access your files, anytime you need them, from anywhere.
Note: You will get 10 GB free of Symform cloud storage space.







Symform Crack + With Product Key X64Using Symform Product Key, you can save and share any file, program, document, or picture you have stored on any of your computers or servers. It is easy to use, and instantly compatible with all your devices and operating systems.
Symform Crack Mac is a cloud backup solution that helps you to effortlessly backup your important files and documents.
The application utilizes the existing local drive space you already have on your system, external drive or server. This way, you can effortlessly access your files, anytime you need them, from anywhere.
Note: You will get 10 GB free of Symform Crack cloud storage space.
Symform Crack Mac Features:
– Sync data to cloud storage: Backup files from one cloud storage location to a second, by simply selecting a destination
– Access from any device: Access your data from your mobile phone, tablet, PC, Mac, or even TV
– Easy install: Just install on your computer and you’re ready to go
– Automatic install: Install a Sync folder on your computer and Symform will take care of syncing it to the cloud
– Access data from anywhere: Share your data with friends and family using email or the web
More ways to sync:
– Sync from your computer or NAS storage: Sync from your computer’s local hard disk, network shares, or a NAS storage device
– Access your data from computers: Sync from one networked computer to the other
– Sync to remote servers: Backup to servers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or an FTP server
– Sync from online folders: Sync to online files that you have shared using Google Drive, Box, or Microsoft SkyDrive
– Sync from your computer: Sync from any folder on your computer, even network shares
– Sync with Windows: Sync from the computer to a Windows computer on the same network
– Email folders: Sync from your email to Symform
– Sync to a local folder: Sync from a local folder to your cloud storage
– Email: Sync from your email to Symform
– Sync to local file: Sync from a local file to your cloud storage
– FTP: Sync from a remote FTP server
– FTP site: Sync from an FTP site to your cloud storage
– Other File Types: Save files in popular file formats like Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, RTF, and PDF
Note: All features are subject to change and Symform is still in beta testing.
The app would have a monthly recurring payment plan subscription.
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Symform Crack + X64Symform allows you to easily backup, restore and access your files, anytime, from any
computer, anywhere.
Symform can fully protect against system failures with no need to maintain a server. Back up, restore and access files instantly from your local computer, external drive or server.
Symform is a cloud service that stores files on remote servers. The files and folders that you want to back up are all synchronized to the servers; the server can be the cloud server provided by Symform, a remote server or any computer with internet connection. There is no need to manually schedule a back up or restore.
Symform works automatically, every time you save files, Symform automatically synchronizes those files to the servers.
And with Symform, you can easily access your files anytime, from anywhere, no matter whether you are at home, on the road or in the office.
Reasons to choose Symform:
• Quick and convenient backups
• Compatible with all the local file systems: FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4
• Free 10GB storage for backup
• It’s entirely based on a remote computer. The files and folders you want to back up can be on any computer
with Internet connection.
• Automatic synchronization
• Easy-to-use interface
• Backups to the cloud
• All files are online
• Data will be stored in the cloud, and when an internet connection is available, it will be downloaded to the local computer
• Data will be automatically synchronised when the local computer is connected to the internet
• All backups will be automatically synchronised to the cloud (when internet connection is available)
• Cached backup data will be deleted after a certain period of time
• All backed up data can be easily restored (no matter whether the file system is FAT32, Ext2/3, Ext4)
• Every time you save a file or synchronize a folder, Symform will backup that file or folder to the servers
• Cloud based technology
Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, has shipped to users by default, and with it, many people have started to use their Windows 10 devices for personal and business purposes. If you are one of them, you might want to protect your files and data, at the same time, for a better security. In this case, it is possible that you will find valuable and useful cloud backup and restore software.
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Symform Crack +Express Access to Local Backup and Sync
Store Multiple Versions of Your Files
Confidentiality is Your Priority
Customizable Read, Sync, Restore and Perform Import Processes
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You can access your local files and folders on your computer via the web browser or mobile apps. Symform provides unlimited access to files without paying any additional fees.
You can synchronize your files from one computer to another through the “Upload” option within the app. This gives you the flexibility to take your backups where you can access it anytime and from any device.
Moreover, you can choose to create a unique password and you’ll receive a unique Symform ID, which is used for both on-premise and cloud backup. You can generate backup configuration files on-premise on your own device or through the web interface.
Symform is a cloud backup tool for Windows-based devices. With it, you can easily back up, store, restore and share your files and folders.
It is similar to Dropbox and other cloud storage services. The only difference is that Symform gives you full control over your data, which means that you have the final word over what you want to keep or remove.
As a cloud storage tool, Symform allows you to back up your files and synchronize them across multiple computers. You can perform both on-premise and cloud backup.
For more information about the Symform software, you can visit the official site at or the official Facebook page at
Sync & Share Files Online
The Sync & Share feature is available in the web interface and the mobile apps. With this feature, you can perform online file synchronization across devices or computers. This feature is useful for organizations, who need to share data with team members.
Remember your files offline
Symform provides you the ability to save files offline. This lets you store important files and keep them safe even if your device or the connection goes down.
Schedule backup to automatically back up data
With the Symform backup tool, you can specify specific times for your files to be backed up to the cloud.
Quick Sync and Share
Quick sync and share feature allows you to securely sync files across Windows, Android and iOS devices in real-time.
Cloud access to files
Symform allows

What’s New In Symform?Symform is a peer-to-peer cloud backup solution that helps you to easily backup your important files and documents.
The application utilizes the existing local drive space you already have on your system, external drive or server. This way, you can effortlessly access your files, anytime you need them, from anywhere.
Note: You will get 10 GB free of Symform cloud storage space.Simultaneous prediction of intestinal absorption and permeability in humans by a physicochemical model.
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