the port of rotterdam shared economy

Port of Rotterdam -I need the background on it. I have attached what I have started but need help cleaning this up.

We are looking at creating a shared economy app for the port and need to present this information in two parts. Some of what I have already done can be incorporated.

Part 1 requires –

1. Background of the Industry? PORT OF ROTTERDAM

2. What is the history of your organization?

3. What are the environmental challenges that you can identify with this organization? so for this I only need summary on the logistical issues like delays, wasted barge space etc.) see link for example…

Problem Statement:

in paragraph form, clearly explain the problem.

Possible Solutions:

Discuss each solution throughly (We are looking at doing a shared economy app we named CargoLink to join independent truck drivers, companies and sharing route capabilities and scheduling pickup and consolidation to reduce waste at the port.)

Part 2 –

Here I am to elaborate on how I will go about creating the app.


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