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Discussion Question 2

Read Chapter 7 in your text Murray, E. (2017). Nursing leadership and management for patient safety and quality care. Philadelphia, PA.: F.A. Davis Company.
The following Web sites offer many resources Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Tools
Society for Quality
Over the past 6 months, patients in the intensive care unit have experienced an increase in central line infections. The nurse leader and manager suspects that the increase is related to more central lines being inserted in the emergency department. A quality improvement (QI) team is being formed to identify the root causes of central line infections.
• Who should be on the QI team?
• What leadership theories and models would you use with this team?
• Outline the steps in the QI process to use in this situation.
• How would the QI team implement an activity to improve the infection rate, and how will the team know the activity worked?
• What Quality Improvement Tool would you use to visually display the outcomes over time to your team?

Peer 1

The Quality Improvement (QI) team would consist of both nurses and doctors in the facility. Central line infections are either caused by the wrongful placement of catheters or prolonged use of the catheters without replacement (Haddadin et al., 2020). Both doctors and nurses involved in the insertion of the central lines will be involved in the team. One of the leadership models that would be effective with the QI team is transformational leadership. The QI team need both motivation and empowerment to solve the issue. Through transformational leadership, the team would be motivated to take ownership in the placement or insertion of catheters as well as monitoring their progress. Transformational leadership will be effective in this case as it will give them the team the freedom to explore all the possible scenarios and solutions in solving the issue. In health care, transformational leadership has proven in motivating healthcare workers, giving them moral and motivation to solve some of the most intriguing health issues in health.

One of the most crucial steps in the QI

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