Time management

DQ #3 Explore different resources on organizing care and time management. Apply organizing/prioritizing and time management concepts to the following:

a. Youre assessing your new admission. Shes crying in pain. Her blood pressure is 162/38. She needs an IV. There are pended and held orders in her electronic chart and her only pain med is 2 mg IV morphine. Theres a phone call for you from pharmacy about your other patient. All of your coworkers are busy. GO!

b. Your patient is scheduled for a pacemaker placement in 2 hours. You have to infuse 2 more units of FFP (theyve already received 2 units) and recheck an INR before surgery. They are now requiring 5L NC and their O2 sat is 87-89%. You were awesome and have already assessed them and know their lungs are wet and they were clear 3 hours ago. Your other patient has to pee. A doctor is rounding on another one of your patients and has questions for you. Other than freak out, what do you do?


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