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Topic : Crisis Intervention
This essay should be 3-5 pages, and it should be written as if it were me speaking.  This essay doesn’t need references because its suppose to sound as if it’s coming from me, and my experience. Please organize this essay well. You can also include in the Essay:
Please use this as a first paragraph to this essay:
I would like to obtain prior learning credits for having my experience with Crisis Intervention. The topic in which I’m going to write about in this essay is entitled Crisis Intervention (4 credits, liberal, advance). In 2009 I began working at Project Renewal located at 8 East 3rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10003.1. Throughout the duration of my time (2 years), I worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor with a caseload of over twenty in a detox environment. While working at Project Renewal I encountered a population of Mental Health, and Substance Abusers, that detox of off heroine and alcohol with the assistance of medicine such as Librium/Seboxine.  We are going to discuss the goals, process, and coping methods of crisis intervention that were provided to clients.
Key Points to Talk about
Crisis Intervention
·  Goals of crisis intervention
·  Process of crisis intervention
o  Establish rapport
o  Gather relevant data
o  Etc
·  To assess client’s ability to cope with the crisis
Ways I have intervene on a clients behave
-Get consent from the client in order to invite his family member to help the client realize the need for long term treatment
-Talk to the clients mother to help her understand the difference between helping and enabling
And whatever else is best suited for Crisis Intervention and responsibilities you may think is appropriate.

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