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How to read a multi-line file into a single line Python?
I have a file of this format,140988728579912800140988739803648000140988759728616000140988777727962400140988916048960000140989015132760000
I want to read this into a single line string and load into a database.
while i A Houston Fire Department firefighter and a Houston Police Department officer will be remembered in a special ceremony.
The two men were killed when a man driving the wrong way on a northbound freeway in Houston collided with their vehicle.
Both are members of Station 54.
Fidel Martinez joined the Houston Fire Department in 1993 and became an engine driver in 1995.
“There is a lot of healing that needs to take place in this organization, and that needs to take place for the lives of our brothers and sisters that have been taken away from us,” said Martinez, who lives in South Houston. “It is a constant void that is going to be here always.
Charles A. “Skip” McClelland Jr. joined the Houston Police Department in 1988 and became a probationary officer in 1993.
“Skipp was a rare person on any job,” said McClelland’s brother Charles McClelland III. “He always applied himself and worked to his best ability. He was a voracious reader, and he loved to read. He had a great sense of humor. Skipp truly lived life to the fullest.”
The crash happened Saturday evening at the Southwest Freeway and Interstate 610. The car crossed five lanes of traffic, went up a grassy embankment and crashed into the back of a fire station.
Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.
“I’ve never been the one who was (stationed) on the scene,d0c515b9f4

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