week 8 assignment 21

Week 8 – Emergency Management, Terrorism, and the Future of Emergency Management

Title of book: Introduction to Emergency Management (6th Edition) Author of book: George D. Haddow, Jane A. Bullock, Damon P. Coppola Chapter Title: Chapter 2 Natural and Technological Hazards and Risk Assessment Author of Chapter: George D. Haddow, Jane A. Bullock, Damon P. Coppola Year: 2017 Publisher: Elsevier Inc.

Read Chapter 9: Emergency Management and the Terrorist Threat and Chapter 10: The Future of Emergency Management.

View Mark Goodman’s “A vision of crimes in the future” video (Links to an external site.).

Question: For this assignment, you will focus on the future, technologies and data research. Select one crime problem AND one terrorism problem in which technology will provide major support. Discuss your two problem selections by addressing the following components:

1. Problem identification for each problem (Be specific)

2. The technology or technologies that will support or enhance the problem

3. Current quantitative research data, i.e. crime rates, trends, etc., to support the establishment or the expansion of the problem. Research academic sources for this assignment, I. e. professional journals, government reports, consultant analyses, or other credible sources. A newspaper article or a magazine article is not acceptable. You should go to the source of the information cited in the newspaper or magazine article for this assignment.

For your research data, provide at least one properly styled APA “in text reference citation,” including page number(s), for each problem that identifies where you found your information. You should also include a Reference List with properly styled APA source entries. If you researched a video, the web address will suffice as long as you include a short statement as to how the video supports the issue AND the approximate time it appears in the video.

NOTE: You can “think outside the box” on this assignment. Your critical thinking and futuristic perspective is welcomed.


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