Workplace Ethic 1

For this assignment I want you to consider two case studies.
As before, I would like you analyze the key issues and dilemmas  presented in the case studies. Of course you’ll want to demonstrate that  you understand the issues as you argue for a particular course of  action. Because you’ll be working with two case studies you’ll need to  do a good job of succinctly presenting and defending your choices. It’s  especially important to think of a unified argument that covers both  cases. In other words, try to find a common rationale that you can use  to find ethical solutions to the dilemmas in both cases.
For Response 2, specifically, I want you to consider how being a member of a union (see Ch. 6) would affect the decisions you could make in each case. Would being a member of a union make it easier or harder to find an ethical solution. Why?
See the writing guidelines to more fully understand what is expected.
   Response Essay Guidelines General Tips:
Except when you’re explicitly instructed to do so, you do not need to look for resources beyond the what’s provided in class. If you incorporate ideas or materials from  other sources you might form a different understanding of the course  material and this could, in turn, cost you points on the assignments.
While none of the Response essays will have a single correct answer, all good answers tend to have a few elements in common.
1) Good essays show that you have read and understand the source material. If I ask you “Should everyone study philosophy?” A good answer will explain the initial response with supporting evidence and ideas from throughout the assigned material (or from the relevant portion of the material for more specific question elements). 
2) Good  essays offer an explanation of the claims they make and the claims they  incorporate from course sources. Don’t just reply that the author approves or disapproves of philosophy, explain why they have that position. This may include offering explanations for unusual concepts.
3) Good essays might use an example. This is not necessary (unless I explicitly ask for an example in the question), but if you feel it will make your answer clearer than give a simple example to illustrate your point. But, be warned, an example, by itself, will not count as an explanation.
4) Good  essays stick to the issues raised in the Case Study and the concepts  presented in our course materials. Of course, you’ll want to incorporate  these elements into your own arguments, but stay on task.  TL;DR
Show me you read. Show me you understand. It doesn’t have to go beyond answering what is asked. Examples are not needed(unless I specifically ask for one). Case Response Essays: 
These  essays should be 800 words. Essays that are significantly shorter or  longer will receive lower grades. All essays should meet academic  writing standards.
The  goal of each of these essays is to analyze the corresponding case study  and provide a solution to the dilemma presented in it. Both of these  elements are important to your overall grade. Though, of course, that   does not mean that they should take equal amount of space in your essay.  
There  is no need for a general introduction. Do not tell me that this is a  long running problem or that it’s vitally important, etc. Simply start  by discussing the main elements/ideas that will be developed in your  your response and then get right into that work.
Be sure to read the essay assignment for specific tasks for that response.  Format:
Font: 12pt. Georgia 
Margins: 1″
Double Spaced
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