World history | history | Metropolitan State University of Denver

2-3 sentences
Why did Alexander the Great not return home after defeating the Persians?

Why was it problematic for Caesar to hold the position of flamen dialis (high priest)?Describe Pompey’s dealings with the pirates.Why was Caesar assassinated?
What was hoplite warfare?
How did Athens differ from Sparta?
Compare and contrast scenes found on city gates of the Assyrians from scenes found on city gates of the Persians.
Why were Greek colonies important?
Why did Persia invade Greece?
Why did Sparta return home after defeating the Persians (with Athenian help) and the Athenian Empire?

1 paragraph each

How did invasion and conflict enact change in the ancient world?
How did Augustus avoid a fate similar to that of his predecessor Julius Caesar?
What is mercantilism and why was this such an integral concept for the creation of the Atlantic World?
Why were able-bodied military men so important throughout Roman history?
Why did Martin Luther’s writings enact a religious conflict when people like Erasmus and John Wycliffe were writing about some of the same issues decades earlier?

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