Write a 5 pages paper on why women live longer than men.

Write a 5 pages paper on why women live longer than men. Fields of psychology, nutrition, and even sociology have found empirical evidence about the contributions of several other non-biological factors that affect the health and lifespan of men and women. Even the field of genetics does play a pivotal role in this as well. Therefore, even though the longevity of the life span of a female is attributed to biology alone, it is the amalgamation of several other psychological, sociological and nutritional factors that has an effect on biology and ultimately leads to either increasing or decreasing the life expectancy of an individual.

When it comes to understanding the basic reason for longer life, immediately most individuals end up thinking solely about the reason from a biological perspective. It is true that biology perhaps plays the most important role in increasing the life span of an individual. There are several biological factors that are held responsible for upgrading the quality of health and life and simply sticking to one factor cannot appropriately explain the reason for the difference in longevity based on gender.

The health of the heart is crucial for maintaining health since it is the heart that sustains life and its ability to pump blood throughout the body that helps to sustain life. Research has shown that women, especially in the second half of their menstrual cycle and during their pregnancy show an increased cardiac output by almost 20%. The challenges that females face during pregnancy are compared to good exercise which helps in strengthening the heart naturally without additional effort from the female (Eskes and Haanen, 2007). This helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases in females whereas males have no such natural means of strengthening their heart.

Recently, research in the fields of genetics has shown to make remarkable contributions in understanding the reason behind women living longer than men. According to geneticists, the secret lies in the chromosomal composition of males and females. They regard the female chromosomal constitution and the preponderance of the life-guard telomeres on the chromosomes during cell division as one of the main genetic reasons behind longevity (Eskes and Hannen, 2007).

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