writing to an audience

Discussion: Writing to an Audience

Greetings All:

For this Module, I am asking you to think about and write on the importance of the reader (or audience) and different strategies of communication for International contexts as major concepts for technical writing. Draw on the assigned materials and particularly from the Anderson textbook, to respond to the prompts below.

Refer to the Discussions Rubric Handout (Links to an external site)Links to an external site.if you need a reminder about the expectations of this assignment and how I assess these discussion posts and responses. Make sure you are responding to other students for consideration of full credit.

You also have to respond to 2 to 3 student post, (I will send you students’ post later.)

Prompts – Write to both prompts in the discussion space:

  1. Provide key strategies Anderson covers for understanding how to assess a reader for a given professional document. Describe and explain comprehensively.
  2. From the articles (https://countrynavigator.com/blog/global-talent/cultural-differences-us-vs-china/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or https://ibstours.com/blog/differences-chinese-business-customs/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) pick four of the ways the articles discuss cultural approaches and describe how you relate to the comparisons. Specially discuss how these differences could affect how you write to different cultural perspectives.

Please cite your sources, including the ones assigned.


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